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    We’ve expanded Intezer’s capabilities over the years to take on more and more of the workload for SecOps teams, using algorithms and machine learning-powered AI. 

    We're now working on incorporating generative AI capabilities in several areas, including AI insights for scripts, macros, and phishing threats.

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    1. Monitor & Triage

    Intezer collects alerts from your connected sources, investigating and analyzing all those alerts 24/7

    2. Escalate

    Intezer escalates only the important incidents, alongside deep investigation reports on each threat

    3. Reduce Noise

    Intezer auto-remediates alerts, reducing noise and auto-resolving false positives from your detection systems

    4. Respond & Hunt

    Intezer provides assessments and recommendations for each confirmed threat, including detection content and ready-to-use hunting rules

    5. Report

    Intezer generates weekly reports to keep your team focused on what matters most and provide tuning suggestions

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