Intezer - The Human Element at RSA Conference

The Human Element at RSA Conference

Written by Intezer
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This year’s RSA Conference theme is the Human Element. At Intezer, we introduce an innovative approach called Genetic Malware Analysis, which reveals the original developer behind any software by detecting its code origins.

We’re not looking at behavioral indicators or finding anomalies. We detect threats by analyzing code reuse on the binary level. This approach can tell you whether software is from a trusted vendor or the author behind Emotet.

Demo Genetic Malware Analysis at RSA Conference
We will be handing out reusable straws to attendees who see a demo of our tech. Booth 2161 located in Moscone Center South
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What’s new this year? We just released our Cloud Workload Protection platform, Intezer Protect, which ensures the code running on your systems is from trusted origins

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Intezer introduces a Genetic Malware Analysis technology, revolutionizing cyber threat detection and response. By revealing the origins of code, Intezer equips enterprises with an advanced way to detect modern cyber threats, while providing deep context on how to effectively respond to incidents. Intezer offers solutions for runtime cloud workload protection, incident response automation, threat intelligence, and more.

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