8 Reasons to Try Intezer Protect for Cloud Workload Protection

Written by Intezer

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    With strong Linux threat detection, low overhead and no slowdown in performance, Intezer Protect is built to overcome some of the challenges typically associated with runtime Cloud Workload Protection Platforms (CWPP). As we near the 8th night of Hanukkah, here are 8 reasons to try Intezer Protect right now.

    Linux Threat Detection for Your Cloud Workload

    1. Detect and Respond to Attacks in Runtime: Runtime protection is an important last line of defense. Detect unauthorized code, suspicious administrative activity and Living-off-the-Land (LotL) attacks that allow attackers to fly under the radar.
    2. Protect All Compute Resources: Production cloud environments are diverse. Intezer Protect secures all types of platforms—including VMs, containers, k8s, CaaS and FaaS—while guarding against unauthorized code in runtime.
    3. Not Just Anomaly Detection Approach: Advanced cyber attacks can bypass traditional anomaly and signature-based detection. Intezer Protect analyzes the code itself, regardless of how it behaves, resulting in a more accurate detection of any threat.
    4. Terminate Unauthorized Processes On Demand: Quickly and automatically terminate unauthorized processes from running.
    5. No Impact on Performance: The sensors are lightweight. They have zero impact on performance and you won’t be subject to increased resource costs.
    6. Low Overhead: The platform continuously monitors for new applications and code execution across your environment in memory. Deviations from the secure baseline are genetically inspected to determine if they are actually unrecognized code or just a trusted change such as a simple software upgrade or natural change in memory. This allows for alerts to occur only when actual risks are present and results in fewer false positives for your team. How it works
    7. Integrated Threat Intelligence Specializing in Linux Threats: Linux has become the dominant operating system in the cloud. It’s crucial that you detect threats targeting this platform with accuracy and consistency—like this fully undetected XMRig Miner. Intezer’s Genome Database contains detailed info about thousands of Linux threats, providing deep context for every alert including the: risk level, type of threat, threat family, and other pertinent intel needed to remediate and prevent similar attacks in the future.
    8. Take Back Control of your Environment: The visual dashboard shows full runtime visibility over your assets and ensures you’re running 100% trusted code round-the-clock.

    Shamash candle bonus.

    1. It’s Free to Try! Reach out to ask our team to ask for a free trial account to test it for yourself.

    We designed Intezer Protect specifically with security and DevOps teams in mind to address their runtime cloud security challenges. We’re excited for users to see firsthand how Intezer Protect meets the needs of the modern cloud workload.


    Count on Intezer’s Autonomous SOC solution to handle the security operations grunt work.

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