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Intezer Protect Community Edition Now Available

Written by Intezer

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    Free runtime protection for your cloud workloads

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    Today we go live with the Intezer Protect community edition. After a few months in Beta, the platform is now self-service and available to everyone. It takes just a few minutes to get started and users are not subject to a slowdown in performance or increased resource costs.

    Intezer Protect is our Cloud Workload Protection Platform that defends cloud environments in runtime against unauthorized and malicious code.

    Our Genetic-based approach inspects all applications, processes, and code running across your environment in memory. This gives you full visibility over all types of compute resources—including Linux servers, VMs and containers—ensuring only trusted code is running round-the-clock.

    As the cloud revolution continues at full speed, attacks on the cloud are increasing—especially those on the Linux OS, which already powers 90% of all cloud infrastructure. Threat actors like TrickBot, Lazarus, and Turla are adapting their traditional Windows tools to target Linux-based servers in the cloud. Stantinko and IPStorm are recent examples of this transition.

    With strong Linux threat detection, low overhead (you don’t have to set any manual rules or polices) and no impact on production performance, Intezer Protect is designed to overcome some of the challenges typically associated with runtime cloud workload protection solutions.

    Intezer Protect defends against most attack vectors and functions as a last line of defense, even after an attacker has exploited a vulnerability or deadly misconfiguration.

    Recently we were named one of CRN’s 10 Hottest Cloud Security Startups of 2020.

    We have always valued giving back to the community with free and transparent access to our products. We’re excited for security and DevOps teams to see firsthand how Intezer Protect suits the needs of modern cloud infrastructure.

    What is Included

    • Protect your compute resources—including Linux servers, VMs, containers and k8s—in runtime against unauthorized code
    • Visual dashboard showing full runtime visibility
    • Secure up to 10 hosts for free
    • Terminate unauthorized processes from running

    It takes only a few minutes to deploy the sensors. They don’t slow down your servers’ performance and you won’t be subject to increased resource costs. Check out this short video to see how easy it is to get started.

    We want to thank everyone who participated in our Beta!


    Count on Intezer’s Autonomous SOC solution to handle the security operations grunt work. Try it yourself for free:

    New: Connect Microsoft Defender with Intezer's Autonomous SOC solutionNew: Connect Microsoft Defender with Intezer's Autonomous SOC solution Learn more
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