Boost Morale in Your Security Operations Center with AI Analysts

Written by Jim McDonough

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    The Security Operations Center (SOC) is a high-pressure environment where analysts work (sometimes in around-the-clock shifts) to protect organizations from cybersecurity threats. Maintaining high morale in such a demanding setting is essential for the well-being and productivity of the team. 

    Integrating AI Analysts as an extension of your SOC team can offer several benefits that improve efficiency and boost the overall morale of your analysts. This requires innovative technology capable of producing high-quality results, with consistency and transparency, so you can trust it to reduce the workload on your team. This approach leverages automation and AI to handle SOC tasks for your team, without requiring an external SOC service or MDR provider.

    In the next seven points, we’ll explore how AI Analysts can support your team, enabling a more positive and collaborative work environment. 

    1. Alleviating Workload on Your SecOps Team

    One of the primary advantages of incorporating AI Analysts into your SOC is the reduction of workload on your team’s analysts. AI Analysts can handle a large portion of repetitive and time-consuming tasks, such as malware analysis and alert triage of new incidents. This allows your analysts to focus on more urgent or interesting issues that require their expertise, reducing the risk of burnout and enhancing job satisfaction.

    Often, this kind of alert triage and analysis “grunt work” has been outsourced to an external SOC or managed detection and response provider. But the in-house team always remains responsible for managing the MDR at the end of the day, which can lead to double-checking results for errors or duplicating investigation work. (In the worst cases, teams find themselves stuck in an expensive contract with a SOC provider they don’t fully trust, so they end up “babysitting”.)

    2. Accelerating Incident Response Time

    With AI Analysts handling a significant part of the incident response process, overall response times can be significantly reduced. For many SOC teams or even specific roles, a metric like “mean time to response” may also be used to evaluate performance and effectiveness. Responding quickly reduces risk to your organization, ensuring that incidents are immediately contained and remediated. Faster incident response times also helps the team feel more effective and successful, increasing morale and motivation.

    3. Promoting Skill Development for Your SOC Analysts

    Integrating AI Analysts into your team allows your analysts to develop new skills and expertise. By working alongside AI-powered technology, analysts can learn to harness the potential of AI, enhancing their professional growth and making their roles more engaging and rewarding. Having more time to build up skills ensures your team stays on the cutting edge of emerging threats. When teams are empowered to engage in more creative or collaborative tasks, they can also take on proactive work that protects the organization like threat hunting.

    4. Encouraging Collaboration in Your SOC Team

    AI Analysts can foster a collaborative environment within the SOC by functioning as an extension of your team. By taking on tasks that typically require significant human effort, AI Analysts free up your analysts to collaborate on more challenging issues and share their expertise. This collaborative atmosphere can improve team cohesion and boost morale.

    5. Reducing Human Error

    AI Analysts can help minimize human error by automating certain aspects of the triage and response process. This prevents the risks produced by alert fatigue, keeping your analysts from getting desensitized by the volume of alerts or false positives. AI Analysts don’t get tired and respond slower on some days. They also don’t overlook alerts or give some less attention than others. By reducing errors, AI Analysts contribute to a more efficient and accurate incident response, increasing confidence in the team’s performance.

    6. Enhancing Work-Life Balance

    AI Analysts can provide 24/7 coverage, ensuring that security incidents are addressed promptly, even during off-hours or when human analysts are unavailable. This enables the SOC team to maintain a better work-life balance, reducing on-call stress and ultimately improving morale. You know false positives are getting automatically resolved. Known threats are getting remediated. Only the serious, confirmed incidents need to get escalated to your team, alongside deep analysis that gives you the answers, information, and recommendations you need to respond.

    7. Recognizing Successes in Your SOC

    Integrating AI Analysts into your SOC can help increase the overall success rate of incident response and threat mitigation. AI Analysts can enhance your visibility and reports, so you’re able to understand the top threats against your organization, track the rate of automated responses, and reduce the time for your team to respond. Celebrating these successes as a team can boost morale and create a positive feedback loop that encourages continuous improvement. 

    Improving Morale with AI Analysts to Reinforce Your Team

    Integrating AI Analysts as an extension of your Security Operations Center team can significantly enhance the work environment and boost team morale. Even in the face of challenges like a tight budget, leveraging new kinds of automation can become an opportunity for SOC managers to adopt innovative solutions. Some teams may refer to this as a “tierless” approach to security operations. Using smart automation ensures your team feels in control, on the cutting edge of the cybersecurity industry, and prepared to respond to emerging threats. 

    By alleviating workload, accelerating response times, promoting skill development, encouraging collaboration, and reducing human error, AI Analysts can contribute to a more positive and engaging workplace. By capitalizing on the benefits of AI-powered technology, you can create a more resilient and motivated SOC team ready to tackle the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape.

    Want to learn more about using AI Analysts to automate work for your SecOps team?

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    Jim McDonough

    Jim McDonough is the Vice President of Global Sales at Intezer. Outside of work, you're likely to catch him running on a trail or in a marathon.

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