An Important Update

Written by Intezer

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    We’re rolling out an important update to the Intezer Analyze community edition to better accommodate our users.

    Effective December 17 community users will have 50 file uploads per month.

    Following user feedback, 50 file uploads per month will provide more support and agility when responding to incidents.

    Threats emerge sporadically. Security teams can suddenly be inundated with a high volume and frequency of alerts. We are confident this change will give community users increased flexibility for classifying threats and enabling a more tailored response when facing an incident.

    Users will still have access to community features such as the IDA Pro and Ghidra plugins. As a bonus, tracking malware families to get updates about new samples does not count towards your monthly quota.

    Our team is comprised of DFIR, malware analysis, and RE professionals, some who led government CERTs in the past. We’re here if you ever need help responding to an incident.

    You can increase your file uploads by upgrading to our enterprise edition. Enterprise users have access to advanced features such as private file uploads, download public samples, code-based vaccines, custom playbooks with SOAR solutions, and more.


    Count on Intezer’s Autonomous SOC solution to handle the security operations grunt work.

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