NEW: Intezer Compromise Assessment Service

NEW: Intezer Compromise Assessment Service

Written by Intezer

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    Intezer, today announced the release of its new Intezer Compromise Assessment service: a complete check-up, detecting any existing attacks and enabling security teams to effectively mitigate them. Based on Intezer’s Code Intelligence™ technology and its expert team’s knowledge, this service provides you with a report of every suspicious, malicious or unknown file in your organization.

    Intezer Compromise Assessment is currently shipping and for a limited time offering a 30% discount for customers.

    “Compromise assessments are a vital part of the comprehensive infosec package, but they fall short in that they don’t detect all threats lurking in the system. Intezer Compromise Assessment discovers hidden threats that other providers simply cannot find, like “sleeping cells”, silent code that sits undetected in the network awaiting commands from its controller. Our ability to do this rests on our technique which involves examining every little piece of code running in the entire organization,” said Chen Shafir, Professional Services Manager at Intezer. “The nature of cyber security is such that no organization can afford to wait a month for an in-depth review of its vulnerabilities, past and present. To be of any use whatsoever, that information is needed now, and that’s what we’re delivering,”

    Itai Tevet, CEO and Co-founder of Intezer, continued, “The critical aspect of Intezer Compromise Assessment is our ability to not only find holes in your system via vulnerability assessments or penetration testing, but to identify them and tell you what went through these holes and is currently attacking your organization. Security breaches are no longer a question of “if”, they are a question of “when” and our latest service provides our customers with the ability to act swiftly and decisively to regain control of the situation.”

    In addition to analysis and detection, Intezer’s new service takes compromise assessment several steps further, providing expert insights and recommendations from the company’s own highly regarded research team, along with vaccines that are effective against an adversary rather than just a specific malware sample. The experts at Intezer moreover manage the entire process on the client network.

    “As a bank, it is of paramount importance that we stay at the very forefront of cyber security, and we go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that we do, and that we are continually armed with the best, most advanced protection tools available,” said Gil Polak, CISO, Bank of Israel. “Even so, we know that there are advanced actors whose attacks upon us might some day succeed, and that’s why compromise assessment is such a critical layer in our cyber security strategy. Indeed, as I speak, we are running a periodical health check, using Intezer Compromise Assessment and additionally we utilize Intezer Analyze when performing deep inspection operations on computer systems.”

    You can read the full announcement here and contact us here.


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