What's New in Intezer's FREE Community Edition

With a free account, you get a trial of Intezer’s Autonomous SOC capabilities and ongoing access for advanced malware analysis. In the...


Advanced Triage for Fileless Threats Using Automated Endpoint Scanning

We are thrilled to announce an exciting enhancement to Intezer’s Autonomous SOC solution: the automated execution of our Endpoint Scanner for fileless...


How Intezer Autonomous SOC Works

A complete walkthrough of how Intezer’s Autonomous SOC platform works, automating your incident response process to make your team more efficient and...


Autonomous SOC Report: Enhance Transparency, Reduce Noise

TL;DR: Intezer now sends you a weekly Autonomous SOC Report with comprehensive insights about your alert pipeline, threat landscape, and tuning recommendations...


Threat Escalation: Focusing On What Matters Most

TL;DR we now send automatic notifications via email or any webhook-supported system like ServiceNow about alerts that Intezer has investigated and confirmed...


Boost Morale in Your Security Operations Center with AI Analysts

The Security Operations Center (SOC) is a high-pressure environment where analysts work (sometimes in around-the-clock shifts) to protect organizations from cybersecurity threats....


Embracing AI Analysts to Strengthen In-House SecOps Teams

With artificial intelligence technology rapidly advancing, it’s now possible to automate even more of the repetitive, manual, and even skilled tasks that...


Are Challenges Faced by SecOps Teams in 2023 an Opportunity?

If there weren’t enough challenges for security operations (SecOps) teams already, economic uncertainty and hits to revenue are forcing organizations to rethink...


Adopting New SecOps Automation in Your SOC Team

“Automation” has been a buzzword in the world of cybersecurity for a while now, however, enterprises are still struggling to fully realize...


Scaling your SOC with Microsoft Defender + Intezer

TLDR: Highlights of Intezer’s Autonomous SOC solution for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Automating SOC Triage and Investigations with Defender Intezer’s Autonomous SOC...


5 Key Factors for Selecting a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Provider

With an increasing number of threats and vulnerabilities to contend with, businesses need all the help they can get to keep their...


Autonomous SecOps: Your AI-Driven Tier 1 SOC Team

We are helping security teams go beyond individual file analysis to automate their entire Endpoint and Email alert triage processes with our...

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