Top Linux Cloud Threats of 2020

We tagged 2019 as The Year of the Linux Threat. That trend continued in 2020 with high profile APTs launching ELF malware,...


Intezer Protect Community Edition Now Available

Free runtime protection for your cloud workloads Get Started Today we go live with the Intezer Protect community edition. After a few months...


Migrating to the Cloud: Compliance Issues When Transitioning from a Traditional Data Center

For traditional data center operations, security and compliance requirements have always been operational overhead. Traditional data centers are under unique stresses in...


Cloud Workload Security: What You Need to Know - Part 1

Cloud proliferation is on the rise, and more than ever before, security teams are on the lookout for solutions that align with...


Complementing Your CSPM with Runtime Cloud Workload Protection

There are many solutions available for securing your cloud applications and workloads. Even after doing your due diligence and making an investment,...


Watch Your Containers: Doki Infecting Docker Servers in the Cloud

Key Findings Ngrok Mining Botnet is an active campaign targeting exposed Docker servers in AWS, Azure, and other cloud platforms. It has...


Linux Rekoobe Operating with New, Undetected Malware Samples

Introduction Our research team has identified new versions of an old Linux malware known as Rekoobe, a minimalistic trojan with a complex CNC...


Why we Should be Paying More Attention to Linux Threats

In a previous post we wrote for the Retail and Hospitality Information Sharing and Analysis Center (RH-ISAC), we discussed the emergence of...

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