Implement these MITRE D3FEND™ Techniques with Intezer Protect

The MITRE Corporation released D3FEND™ (aka MITRE DEFEND™), a complementary framework to its industry acclaimed MITRE ATT&CK® matrix. MITRE D3FEND provides defense techniques...


Conducting Digital Forensics Incident Response (DFIR) on an Infected GitLab Server

GitLab servers are under attack with a now-patched critical vulnerability Earlier this week we investigated an incident that occurred on a new...


7 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP)

Cloud Workload Protection Platforms (CWPPs) are a new generation of modern, scalable security solutions designed to protect applications in today’s landscape of...


New Attacks on Kubernetes via Misconfigured Argo Workflows

Key Points Intezer has detected a new attack vector against Kubernetes (K8s) clusters via misconfigured Argo Workflows instances. Attackers are already taking advantage of this...


Royal Flush: Privilege Escalation Vulnerability in Azure Functions

One of the most common benefits of transitioning to cloud services is the shared responsibility for securing your assets. But cloud providers...


Cloud-Native Security 101

The arrival of the cloud has changed the application development process. Agile cloud-native applications have replaced traditional monolithic application architectures, and components...


Do You Really Need Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is one of the top open-source container orchestration projects, as it dramatically simplifies the creation and management of applications by providing...


Fix your Misconfigured Docker API Ports

It can be the difference between maintaining a safe environment for your applications or a compromised machine running malicious code. Misconfiguration of...

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