How Hackers Use Binary Padding to Outsmart Sandboxes and Infiltrate Your Systems

What is binary padding? How can you detect against threats using junk data in various ways to evade defensive systems and sandboxes?...


How to Detect Cobalt Strike

Cobalt Strike is a penetration testing tool created by Raphael Mudge in 2012. To this day, it remains extremely popular both in...


Fast Insights for a Microsoft-Signed Netfilter Rootkit

Automate malware analysis of Netfilter rootkit and other advanced threats. Obtain deep insights without long, manual effort. News broke in June about a...


Reimagining the Malware Analysis Experience

Itai Tevet, CEO of Intezer, shares the company’s vision for a simplified, consolidated malware analysis experience. Since its inception, Intezer has strived...


Targeted Phishing Attack against Ukrainian Government Expands to Georgia

In May 2021, Fortinet published a report about the early stages of an ongoing phishing attack against the Ukrainian government. The attack, initially...


Global Phishing Campaign Targets Energy Sector and its Suppliers

Our research team has found a sophisticated campaign, active for at least one year, targeting large international companies in the energy, oil...


Covering the Infection Chain: Analyze Documents and Scripts with Intezer Analyze

Malware threats come in many forms. You can now analyze more of them with Intezer Analyze We have made a major expansion...


Genetic Analysis and Lessons Learned from REvil Attack

Validating your Software Supply Chain for Tampering SolarWinds, Codecov and now Kaseya are the latest supply chain attacks we know about. In...

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