Elephant Framework Delivered in Phishing Attacks Against Ukrainian Organizations 

A recently developed malware framework called Elephant is being delivered in targeted spear phishing campaigns using spoofed Ukrainian governmental email addresses. The...


All Your Go Binaries are Belong to Us

The skillset of performing binary analysis may to some appear to be limited to a few undeadly souls. While it may look...


New Type of Supply Chain Attack Could Put Popular Admin Tools at Risk

Research between Intezer and Checkmarx describes ChainJacking, a type of software supply chain attack that could be potentially exploited by threat actors...


Klingon RAT Holding on for Dear Life

With more malware written in Golang than ever before, the threat from Go-based Remote Access Trojans (RATs) has never been higher. Not only...


HabitsRAT Used to Target Linux and Windows Servers

We have discovered a new malware written in Go, which we are calling HabitsRAT, targeting both Windows and Linux machines. The Windows version of...


Year of the Gopher: 2020 Go Malware Round-Up

Developers are not the only ones that have adopted Go. Malware written in Go has been steadily increasing. In the last few...


Operation ElectroRAT: Attacker Creates Fake Companies to Drain Your Crypto Wallets

Already with thousands of victims. Intro With Bitcoin on the rise and a market exceeding billions of dollars, cryptocurrency has attracted threat actors...


2019: A Year-in-Review

What an amazing year it has been for us at Intezer! The company nearly doubled in size, we added several new important...


Intezer Analyze Community: Buhtrap, Divergent, Kronos, and More

In this month’s community highlights we see a range of malware types, including banking trojans, exploit kits, and nation-state sponsored threats. 1)...


Genetic Malware Analysis for Golang

Intezer Analyze now proudly supports genetic analysis for files created with the Golang programming language. Community and enterprise users can detect and...

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