Threat Hunting Rule Extraction and Use Cases

TL;DR: You can now extract IOCs and behavioral indicators to a hunting rule format for your endpoint security system. This enables you...


Stay Ahead of the Latest Threats with Threat Family Tracking

TL;DR – You can now subscribe to threat actors/malware families in Intezer and receive notifications for new IoCs and detection opportunities. Staying...


Elephant Framework Delivered in Phishing Attacks Against Ukrainian Organizations 

A recently developed malware framework called Elephant is being delivered in targeted spear phishing campaigns using spoofed Ukrainian governmental email addresses. The...


New Conversation Hijacking Campaign Delivering IcedID

This post describes the technical analysis of a new campaign detected by Intezer’s research team, which initiates attacks with a phishing email...


3 Ways to Save Incident Response Time

Save time during incident response with these tips and tools to help your team accelerate HD, memory, and live...


Detection Rules for Sysjoker (and How to Make Them With Osquery)

On January 11, 2022, we released a blog post on a new malware called SysJoker. SysJoker is a malware targeting Windows, macOS,...


New SysJoker Backdoor Targets Windows, Linux, and macOS

Malware targeting multiple operating systems has become no exception in the malware threat landscape. Vermilion Strike, which was documented just last September,...


Vermilion Strike: Linux and Windows Re-implementation of Cobalt Strike

Key Findings Discovered Linux & Windows re-implementation of Cobalt Strike Beacon written from scratch Linux malware is fully undetected by vendors Has...


Intezer Analyze Transforms for Maltego

We are happy to introduce the Intezer Analyze plugin for Maltego. Combine insights from our malware analysis platform with Maltego’s graphical tool (And you...


How to Detect Cobalt Strike

Cobalt Strike is a penetration testing tool created by Raphael Mudge in 2012. To this day, it remains extremely popular both in...


Targeted Phishing Attack against Ukrainian Government Expands to Georgia

In May 2021, Fortinet published a report about the early stages of an ongoing phishing attack against the Ukrainian government. The attack, initially...


Global Phishing Campaign Targets Energy Sector and its Suppliers

Our research team has found a sophisticated campaign, active for at least one year, targeting large international companies in the energy, oil...


Klingon RAT Holding on for Dear Life

With more malware written in Golang than ever before, the threat from Go-based Remote Access Trojans (RATs) has never been higher. Not only...

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