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OrBit: New Undetected Linux Threat Uses Unique Hijack of Execution Flow

Linux is a popular operating system for servers and cloud infrastructures, and as such it’s not a surprise that it attracts threat...


Summary of Symbiote Research (A New, Nearly-Impossible-to-Detect Linux Threat)

In pop culture, a symbiote often gives a host superhuman ability (and occasionally also hilarious inner monologue). But in real life, parasitic...


Symbiote Deep-Dive: Analysis of a New, Nearly-Impossible-to-Detect Linux Threat

Symbiote is a new Linux® malware we discovered that acts in a parasitic nature, infecting other running processes to inflict damage on...


7 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP)

Cloud Workload Protection Platforms (CWPPs) are a new generation of modern, scalable security solutions designed to protect applications in today’s landscape of...


Why Relying on the Cloud Provider for Security is Not Enough

73% of organizations using the cloud are not sure which parts of security fall under their responsibility. Ultimately, the customer is responsible for...


9 Tools to Use Right Now to Improve Azure Platform Security

Security is changing as companies move their mission-critical workloads to the cloud, with Azure as one of the preferred destinations. Security in Azure follows...


7 Most Important AWS Security Tools

Like all leading cloud service providers, AWS follows a shared responsibility model for security and compliance. While platform-level security is owned and managed...


HabitsRAT Used to Target Linux and Windows Servers

We have discovered a new malware written in Go, which we are calling HabitsRAT, targeting both Windows and Linux machines. The Windows version of...

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