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Phishing Campaign Targets Chinese Nuclear Energy Industry

Intezer has been tracking activity targeting the energy sector and noted a campaign with techniques that align with those of Bitter APT,...


Top Cyber Threats to the Telecom Industry

In our interconnected society, the telecom industry is responsible for keeping the world connected 24/7. The telecommunication infrastructure uses satellites, internet providers,...


Elephant Framework Delivered in Phishing Attacks Against Ukrainian Organizations 

A recently developed malware framework called Elephant is being delivered in targeted spear phishing campaigns using spoofed Ukrainian governmental email addresses. The...


New Conversation Hijacking Campaign Delivering IcedID

This post describes the technical analysis of a new campaign detected by Intezer’s research team, which initiates attacks with a phishing email...


URL Analysis 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Phishing URLs

At Intezer, we recently launched a URL analysis feature that will allow detecting phishing or malicious URLs. To do so, we have...


How to Detect Cobalt Strike

Cobalt Strike is a penetration testing tool created by Raphael Mudge in 2012. To this day, it remains extremely popular both in...


Targeted Phishing Attack against Ukrainian Government Expands to Georgia

In May 2021, Fortinet published a report about the early stages of an ongoing phishing attack against the Ukrainian government. The attack, initially...


Global Phishing Campaign Targets Energy Sector and its Suppliers

Our research team has found a sophisticated campaign, active for at least one year, targeting large international companies in the energy, oil...


Covering the Infection Chain: Analyze Documents and Scripts with Intezer Analyze

Malware threats come in many forms. You can now analyze more of them with Intezer Analyze We have made a major expansion...


Wrapping Up a Year of Infamous Bazar Campaigns

Bazar is the latest tool developed by the TrickBot gang Common malware used for cybercrime such as Agent Tesla, Dridex and Formbook...


Intezer Analyze Community: GonnaCry, HawkEye, BXAQ and More

In July, Intezer Analyze community detections included GonnaCry ransomware, the HawkEye malware kit, and BXAQ, the spyware that Chinese authorities have been...


Intezer Analyze Community: BlackSquid, RobbinHood Ransomware and More

1) BlackSquid [Link to Analysis] BlackSquid is a Monero crypto-miner which was recently discovered by researchers at Trend Micro. According to Trend...

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