New Attacks on Kubernetes via Misconfigured Argo Workflows

Key Points Intezer has detected a new attack vector against Kubernetes (K8s) clusters via misconfigured Argo Workflows instances. Attackers are already taking advantage of this...


Top 10 Linux Server Hardening and Security Best Practices

If you have servers connected to the internet, you likely have valuable data stored on them that needs to be protected from...


Reduce the Attack Surface with These Unique Runtime Features

Prioritize immediate risks in your cloud production environment Recently added Intezer Protect features for reducing the likelihood of an attack have a unique...


Why Relying on the Cloud Provider for Security is Not Enough

73% of organizations using the cloud are not sure which parts of security fall under their responsibility. Ultimately, the customer is responsible for...


9 Tools to Use Right Now to Improve Azure Platform Security

Security is changing as companies move their mission-critical workloads to the cloud, with Azure as one of the preferred destinations. Security in Azure follows...


7 Most Important AWS Security Tools

Like all leading cloud service providers, AWS follows a shared responsibility model for security and compliance. While platform-level security is owned and managed...


CVE-2021-27075: Microsoft Azure Vulnerability Allows Privilege Escalation and Leak of Private Data

In this post I will explain how the Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine (VM) extension works and how we found a fatal vulnerability in...


Cloud Security Fundamentals: Servers to Containers & Everything In-Between

With Linux being the operating system for 96% of the cloud, the landscape has changed beyond endpoint detection. Intezer Protect is built...


Announcing Configuration Checks and Vulnerability Management

We’re excited to announce the release of two new Intezer Protect features. Intezer Protect now offers under the same roof not only...

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