Watch a Short Demo of Intezer

Watch as CEO of Intezer, Itai Tevet, gives a quick overview to show how our solution accelerates and automates alert triage, incident response, and threat hunting – using Intezer like your virtual, algorithm-driven SOC.

Want an in-depth demo with an experienced threat analyst and engineer, and plenty of time to ask your questions and find out if Intezer could help your team? Book a demo to talk with us.

What You’ll See in This Video

  • Intro to Intezer – See what Autonomous Security Operations looks like. 
  • Alert Collection and Threat Triage – Pulling alerts from your EDR or SOAR to automatically analyze and triage as Confirmed Malicious, To Investigate, or No Threats for any false positives.
  • Incident Response and Threat Clusters – Using Threat Clusters to respond efficiently, remediate your top threats, and use Intezer’s malware analysis toolset for deeper investigation if required.
  • Automation for Threat Hunting – IOCs, detection opportunities, and rules for threat hunting, plus getting notifications about threats you’re tracking.
  • Getting Started with New Sources – No complicated set up process: Most users can get connected to Intezer for alert triage, response, and hunting in just two hours.
  • Using Intezer with Your EDR – This example in SentinelOne shows how Intezer delivers a verdict, recommended actions, and other information (like IOCs and TTPs) right into the platforms you use most.
  • Investigating with Intezer – Viewing and digging into the analysis of a false positive.
  • Threat Classification, IOCs, and TTPs – Anything triaged as “confirmed malicious” will include threat classification and in-depth analysis, alongside IOCs, TTPs, and detection opportunities for updating your rules and hunting.
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