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Why Intezer?

Our Philosophy

Not another anomaly-based approach

Intezer introduces a novel approach called Genetic Software Mapping, enabling organizations to detect and diagnose cyber attacks by identifying the code origins of these threats—regardless of behavioral indicators which can be designed by attackers to look normal. Identifying the source of the attack itself effectively decreases the ROI for cybercriminals, making it exponentially harder for them to launch a new attack campaign.

On the other hand, the vast majority of security systems in the market today detect threats by searching for anomalies and other indicators of compromise. Often, these methods drown security teams with unactionable data—generating too many vague and false positive alerts and limiting the ability of organizations to detect actual threats.
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Nearly all cyber attacks require running software code

In order for an adversary to make any kind of damage, such as stealing data, installing a backdoor, or deleting sensitive materials, they must run malicious or unauthorized code on a target’s computer or server. Regardless of the chosen attack vector or surface, a cyber attack is almost always the result of some piece of code running in memory. That’s why we believe the key to mitigating cyber attacks must be to identify the core of all attacks: malicious code. Deeply analyzing the actual binary code, whether on disk or in-memory, allows us to help you detect modern and sophisticated threats, while providing deep context on how to properly respond to incidents.
Revealing the Origins of Software Code

Bridging the skills gap

We acknowledge that the biggest challenges security teams face today are the shortage of expert security analysts, and the inability to scale the existing skills. We made it our mission to address this concern in all of our security products.

Our innovative Genetic Software Mapping technology enables us to provide the capabilities of a full fledged team of reverse engineers in an automatic and scalable fashion—whether to accelerate your incident response processes or to secure your cloud infrastructure.

Increase analyst productivity

Lower the skills barrier

Save in personnel costs

Our Advantage

Proven capabilities in the cloud and Linux domains

While the majority of security solutions are focused on protecting Windows platforms, threats targeting the Linux platform are rapidly increasing. This reality has resulted in Linux threats often going undetected, leaving organizations’ Linux and cloud infrastructure vulnerable.

Time after time, Intezer’s technology has uncovered cloud and Linux-focused threats, such as large-scale crypto-mining campaigns, botnets, ransomware, and nation-sponsored threats (HiddenWasp, QNAPCrypt, Pacha Group, PureLocker)—the majority of these threats which were previously undetected.
Why we Should be Paying More Attention to Linux Threats

The Team

We are a team of cybersecurity experts dedicated to changing the unfair equation between cyber attacks and defenders. As security professionals with a unique background in the fields of incident response, malware analysis, and reverse engineering; together with our vast experience mitigating nation-state sponsored threats, we found that existing solutions were not providing security teams with the proper tools to defend against modern cyber threats.

This led us to develop a Genetic Software Mapping technology which represents an advanced solution for accurately detecting, classifying, and responding to cyber threats.
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