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Incorporate a smart, human-like decision making in your playbooks to truly automate alert triage
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Supercharge your SOAR with Intezer

We bring the analysis and decision making, SOAR drives the response action. Intezer integrates with leading SOAR solutions to empower your security team to automate tasks that traditionally need human intervention. With Intezer’s automated alert investigation technology and a simple webhook integration, you can create automated response workflows without complicated custom engineering and consolidate numerous third-party analysis tools into one simple component. Finally, truly automating-out Tier 1 becomes possible.

SOAR Playbook without Intezer
SOAR Playbook with Intezer
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A human-like decision making component for your playbooks

Intezer’s provides a smart assessment for every security alert, that includes information like verdict (true or false positive?), risk level, threat actor/malware family, IOCs, recommended next steps and more — which are traditionally obtained through human involvement. With Intezer, this decision-making information can be obtained as a simple JSON object which can then be used to take action in your playbooks.

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Seamless Integrations

Intezer for SOAR seamlessly integrates through a simple webhook with your SOAR, or in some cases with a dedicated marketplace app. Effortlessly enhance your security stack and leverage Intezer’s advanced capabilities within your established workflows.

Results You Can See in Just 14 Days


Less Noise


of false positive alerts resolved for you, and you get weekly tuning recommendations to reduce noise even further

No Overlooked Incidents


of alerts of all severity levels are deeply investigated, with actionable recommendations for every alert

Quick Time to Value


the cost of traditional outsource SOC providers, with easy setup to save your team from time-consuming tasks

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