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Be in control over every fragment of code running on your cloud

Protect your cloud workloads from unauthorized and malicious code

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The challenge

While cloud computing presents a huge opportunity for businesses, it also exposes the infrastructure like never before. Security teams lack visibility and control into what’s actually running on their most sensitive systems. Traditional security solutions are not designed to work in the scale, performance and diversity that are required from production systems.

Secure your workloads

Intezer Protect™ continuously monitors your cloud servers in runtime, ensuring that every single piece of code running on your systems is under your control, and is solely from trusted origins.

Stay protected against the most sophisticated and modern cyber attacks, while making a minimal impact to your cloud workloads’ performance.

The Intezer advantage

Every cyber attack involves running code. Until now, understanding binary code in memory was practically impossible. By using Genetic Malware Analysis technology, Intezer is able to identify the origins of every fragment of code running in memory, resulting in detecting the most sophisticated attacks while producing only high-confidence and contextualized alerts for your security team.

Gain control over your cloud workloads

  • Monitor all running code
  • Detect any unknown, unauthorized and malicious code
  • Detect vulnerability exploitation and other in-memory threats
  • Detect suspicious shell commands and administrative activity
  • Quickly and automatically respond to alerts
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Designed for production environments

  • Lightweight agent designed for production environments
  • Simple deployment tailored for cloud environments
  • Fits with your infrastructure
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Tailor made for Linux

Linux environments require a specialized threat protection strategy. Time after time, Intezer has been the first to identify the newest Linux-focused threats

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Empowers security teams

Get alerted only on actual attacks

Gain contextualized intelligence for every alert, such as threat family classification

Simple and automatic response functionality

Bridge the skills and knowledge gap

Secure your cloud workloads

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