Runtime cloud
workload protection

Basically, an EDR built
for your cloud

Works Seamlessly
with your Cloud Environment

Built for the Cloud

Strong Linux threat detection

No manual rules or policies

No slowdown in performance

How it Works


Generate a trusted genetic profile of all software in your infrastructure (your applications, third party applications, operating system)


Monitor in runtime for any deviations in memory across the entire cloud native stack (IaaS, CaaS, PaaS) and layers (OS, K8s, containers), while providing full visibility over all software running on your system


Genetically inspect the deviation to determine if it’s unauthorized code or just a natural and legitimate deviation


Alerts on unauthorized code and provides deep context for each threat; Connects to Intezer’s AutonomousDR dashboard for automated alert triage and investigation


Terminate unauthorized code on demand


Ensure your systems are in a trusted state and run 100% trusted code

Features and Benefits


  • Detect malicious code and malware in runtime
  • Detect unrecognized or unauthorized code
  • Detect exploitation of known and unknown vulnerabilities
  • Detect suspicious shell commands and Living off the Land (LotL) attacks

Born in the cloud

  • Holistic security for all types of compute resources: VMs, containers, Kubernetes, CaaS and FaaS
  • Integrated threat intelligence specializing in Linux threats
  • Integrate with your favorite DevOps tools including Chef, Puppet, Ansible and more


  • Connects to Intezer’s AutonomousDR dashboard for automated alert triage
  • Monitor and log any running application or code
  • Visual dashboard showing high-level security status of all compute resources

Reduce Attack Surface

  • Identify and disable unwanted or risky applications
  • Identify vulnerabilities in runtime
  • Identify misconfigurations
  • Align with security benchmarks (CIS, NIST)


  • Quickly terminate any unauthorized code without harming production
  • Contextual alerts including origin of code and malware family
  • Root Cause Analysis for incidents; identify the point of compromise in order to quickly fix the vulnerability
  • Seamlessly integrate with tools such as SIEM, SOAR and even Slack

Detecting the Latest Linux Cloud Threats

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