About Intezer

We want to see security teams move from being stretched thin to having every alert fully investigated and proactively hunting threats. 

Since Intezer’s inception, we have taken on ourselves a mission to empower SOC, incident response, and threat intelligence teams – accelerating and improving the tedious day-to-day tasks to help you to stay ahead of relentless threat actors.


It is clear that Security Operations requires a transformation to replace more people-based processes with technology, so security teams are not stretched thin and people can focus only on alerts and tasks that really matter. This means maximizing automated technology to support your people, enable faster and better decision making for detection and response, and empower constant threat hunting.


Autonomous Security Operations is about using automated, algorithm-driven Tier 1 services that require little to no human supervision.

Meet the Team

Itai Tevet

Founder and CEO

Roy Halevi

Founder and CTO

Alon Cohen

Founder and Chairman

Asher-Tsvi Schwed


Nadia Malinoff-Kan


Jim McDonough

VP Global Sales

Nataly Shvartzman

Head of Engineering

Our Investors

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