Intezer vs. MDR Service: Revolutionizing Alert Triage with Technology-Driven Efficiency

Written by Intezer

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    In the realm of cybersecurity, organizations face the challenge of efficiently managing and responding to a growing number of security alerts. Traditional approaches such as Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services and outsourced Security Operations Centers (SOCs) rely heavily on human operators. However, Intezer distinguishes itself by offering a technology-driven solution for alert management. Through automation and advanced analysis capabilities, Intezer streamlines alert triage, reduces human error, enhances accuracy, and lowers costs.

    The Power of Intezer’s Technology-First Approach 

    Intezer takes a unique stance in the market as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that leverages advanced technology for alert monitoring and triage. Unlike traditional MDR services and external SOCs, which rely on human operators for manual handling of alerts, Intezer’s technology-first approach ensures a higher level of efficiency and accuracy in the alert management process. By reducing the potential for human error, organizations can trust in the reliability of Intezer’s automated systems.

    Cost Efficiency and Savings with SecOps Automation

    One of the significant advantages of Intezer’s technology-driven approach is the potential for substantial cost savings. Automating alert monitoring and triage processes can lead to significant cost reductions, making Intezer an attractive choice for organizations seeking an efficient and budget-friendly solution.

    The Human Touch: Expert Assistance on Demand

    While Intezer relies on technology for most aspects of alert management, we recognize the importance of human expertise in complex incidents. Intezer offers on-demand expert assistance, providing access to experienced security professionals when organizations require additional support. This combination of advanced technology and human expertise ensures that organizations have the necessary resources to address and mitigate critical security incidents effectively.

    Better Together: Your Team with Intezer

    Many of our customers view Intezer as an extension of their own team, leveraging its automation capabilities to reduce the workload on their SOC/IR teams. That’s also true for cases where they have an outsourced SOC that monitors alerts and logs from multiple sources (Syslog, NetFlow, …), while simultaneously leveraging Intezer’s deep alert triage for endpoint (EDR) and suspicious email alerts which require more comprehensive attention. This coexistence with managed security services reduces the need for constant oversight of the managed service and results in fewer escalated alerts that need to be handled while having the peace of mind that all security data is being stored and monitored.

    IntezerManaged Detection and Response (MDR)
    OperationPrimarily technology-operated (SaaS platform)Primarily human-operated
    Alert Monitoring and TriageAutomated using advanced technologyOften manually handled by human operators
    Potential for Human ErrorMinimized due to automationHigher due to human involvement
    CostOften half of the cost due to automation and SaaS modelHigher due to human resources involved
    Expert AssistanceOn-demand expert assistance available for complex incidentsVaries, but typically includes expert assistance
    Integration with Existing SystemsDesigned to integrate with existing tools and alert pipelines with a focus on Endpoint and Email alertsVaries, but typically includes integration services
    Workload for Your TeamReduced due to automation of alert triage and incident responseCan be higher due to need for oversight and handling of escalated alerts
    Role in Your OrganizationCan serve as an extension of your team, automating a significant portion of SOC/IR workloadTypically serves as an outsourced service, handling specific security tasks

    Replacing MDR Services with Automation

    Organizations that adopt Intezer can streamline their security operations, reduce human error, and elevate their ability to respond effectively to security incidents. 

    Customers have the flexibility to choose between the combined advantages of both MDR and Intezer, or opt to leverage Intezer independently, which enhances their capacity to effectively manage high-priority security incidents originating from their endpoint security or email systems.

    Contact us today to learn more about how our technology-driven Autonomous SOC solution can enhance your security posture and provide peace of mind in an ever-changing threat landscape. 


    Count on Intezer’s Autonomous SOC solution to handle the security operations grunt work.

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