Streamlining Security Operations with Intezer and Cortex XSOAR

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    Organizations are always on the lookout for ways to enhance and automate their security operations. The collaboration between Intezer and Cortex XSOAR presents a formidable combination, empowering security experts to automate the alert triage and response to threats. In this article, we will explore the improved version of Intezer and Cortex XSOAR integration, emphasizing its primary features and advantages.

    Intezer Connector for Cortex XSOAR

    The Intezer Connector for Cortex XSOAR streamlines the integration of Intezer’s automated alert triage and decision-making technology into your XSOAR playbooks.

    With this integration, Cortex XSOAR users can:

    • Automatically fetch Intezer’s alert investigation results into XSOAR, which can then be utilized in playbooks, such as smart verdicts, IOCs, TTPs, and more.
    • Submit suspicious emails to Intezer for analysis.
    • Submit files or file hashes to Intezer for analysis.
    • Submit URLs to Intezer for analysis.
    • Submit various security alerts to Intezer for automatic investigation.

    Smart Decision Making

    The fusion of Intezer and Cortex XSOAR offers a seamless way for security teams to incorporate intelligent decision-making and advanced threat analysis into their playbooks. With Intezer’s capability to emulate the expertise of a human analyst, you can now embed a human-like decision-making component into your XSOAR playbooks, truly automating Tier-1 and Tier-2 tasks.

    For instance, rather than crafting a custom playbook that gathers multiple pieces of evidence for an alert, analyzes each evidence, and then constructs intricate logic for an incident-wide conclusion, Intezer already accomplishes that for you. It provides a clear triage assessment that can be easily integrated into your SOAR playbook, minimizing the need for human intervention and complex custom engineering.

    Overall, By integrating Intezer’s detailed investigation data to XSOAR, you can enhance your workflows in several ways:

    1. Enrichment: Intezer’s insights offer a wealth of information that can be used to augment your existing tickets or cases, providing a deeper understanding and context to the investigation and response process.
    1. Resolving False Positives: With Intezer’s precise assessment, you can automatically address or de-prioritize tickets identified as false positives. This reduces the number of irrelevant alerts, allowing your team to concentrate on genuine threats.
    1. Escalation of Urgent Incidents: If an incident is deemed of high urgency by Intezer (for instance, ransomware or potential targeted attacks), you can initiate immediate notifications to ensure rapid team alerting. Non-escalated alerts can be reviewed at regular intervals.
    1. Remediation: Utilize Intezer’s suggested remediation steps, such as blocking IOCs or resetting user credentials.

    Enhancing Incident Response with Contextual Automation

    The smooth integration of Intezer and Cortex XSOAR introduces a new dimension of simplicity and efficiency to case management.

    This integration is pivotal in acting swiftly to prioritize tickets and automatically resolving false positive alerts. By eliminating manual intervention, it significantly reduces the time required to triage alerts and decide on the ones that need attention. The capability to automatically filter out noise and only create tickets for alerts that genuinely require a human analyst’s attention is vital for maintaining a strong security stance for your organization.

    Furthermore, for those tickets that do reach your team, Intezer’s analytical context is instantly incorporated into your case management system, saving considerable time and resources for a thorough investigation. This direct incorporation of Intezer’s alert investigation results into Cortex XSOAR provides essential context, enabling analysts to make swift, informed decisions. Added context can include:

    • Risk level (is it a critical threat or just unwanted software?)
    • Associated threat actor or malware family
    • IOCs from all the pieces of evidence that are associated with the alert
    • Analysis results of every piece of collected evidence
    • Optimize security operations: Integrate Intezer & Cortex XSOAR for auto alert triage, threat analysis & intelligent decision-making. Streamline incident response workflows effectively.

    Simplified Licensing

    Managing licenses and credentials for multiple third-party tools can be a logistical challenge for security teams. However, the integration of Intezer and Cortex XSOAR simplifies this process by reducing the need for maintaining licenses for various tools. With a unified solution, you can streamline your security operations, enhance efficiency, and minimize the administrative hassle associated with license management.

    Getting Started

    The Intezer Connector for Cortex XSOAR allows you to integrate intelligent decision-making and automated threat analysis capabilities within your playbooks. This empowers security teams to achieve unparalleled efficiency and precision for alert triage and response.

    For more details about the Intezer and Cortex XSOAR integration and installation instructions, please refer to the official documentation or simply look for “Intezer” in the XSOAR marketplace. The documentation also includes a list of all supported commands that you could use in your playbooks. If you’re keen to explore the capabilities of Intezer and Cortex XSOAR integration and experience its potential firsthand, contact us for a demo.


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