Intezer vs Sandbox: The Evolution from Sandbox to Comprehensive Automated Alert Triage

Written by Intezer

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    In the ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity, organizations have realized that traditional file scanning and sandbox solutions are not enough to handle the increasing volume and complexity of security alerts. This realization has driven the evolution of Intezer from its roots as a malware analysis provider to becoming a comprehensive automated alert triage solution, offering a range of powerful analysis capabilities and integrations with existing security tools.

    The Limitations of Traditional Sandboxes: 

    Traditional sandboxes, although effective for file analysis, fell short when it came to reducing their team’s workload in handling alerts and managing their SOC or IR. Organizations hoped that individual file detonation would significantly reduce their security teams’ workload and enhance their Security Operations Center (SOC) or Incident Response (IR) capabilities. However, the reality proved more complex, and a more robust solution was needed. A tool that can truly automate alert triage by integrating with their existing tools and alert pipelines, providing comprehensive analysis that takes into account multiple pieces of evidence, and superior customer support.

    Intezer’s Comprehensive Automated Alert Triage:

    While Intezer remains a top choice for many organizations for on-demand malware analysis, it has evolved to become much more than a sandbox solution. Intezer now uses its powerful analysis capabilities to provide a comprehensive automated alert triage experience.

    Recognizing the evolving needs of security teams, Intezer leveraged its Genetic Analysis technology, which provided industry-leading threat classification and context, and expanded its capabilities to deliver a comprehensive automated alert triage experience, addressing the shortcomings of traditional sandboxes.

    This includes integrations with endpoint security (EDR) tools; automated evidence collection; deep endpoint forensics and memory analysis; handling fileless threats; alert annotation and enrichment; auto-escalations for serious incidents; and automated remediation for true positive and false positive alerts. Moreover, Intezer offers on-demand security expert assistance, ensuring that customers receive the support they need when they need it.

    Key Features and Differentiators:

    FeatureIntezerTraditional Sandbox
    Primary FunctionAutomates the triage and investigation processes for security alertsProvides a safe environment for analyzing potentially harmful files
    On-demand File ScanningAvailableAvailable
    Triage Tasks PerformedAlert monitoring; Evidence collection; Malware analysis; Extracting IOCs; Endpoint forensics; Auto-remediation of threats; Escalation of serious incidentsMalware analysis; Extracting IOCs
    Evidence CollectionAutomatically collects multiple evidence associated with an alert and conducts the analysis under consolidated contextRequires to manually collect evidence from alerts then detonate each file one-by-one
    Alert CoverageHandles all endpoint and email alerts, including file-based, behavioral (“suspicious activity”), and fileless alertsOften handles only file-based evidence
    Benign ApplicationsCan clearly identify benign applications and code written by trusted vendors via its genetic code analysis technology.  Allows users to identify even internally developed software.Cannot identify benign applications for the purpose of reducing false-positives.  Can only highlight malicious behavior findings
    Integration with Existing ToolsRequires only the API key of your security toolsTypically standalone, does not integrate with other systems
    Role in Your OrganizationCan serve as an extension of your team, automating a significant portion of SOC/IR workloadTypically serves as a manual tool for assisting in specific malware analysis tasks
    Expert AssistanceOn-demand reverse engineer level assistance availableDoes not typically include expert assistance
    Workload for Your TeamReduced due to automation of alert triage and incident responseTypically reduces workload only for Tier-3 analysts by automating the detonation of files


    As the cybersecurity landscape evolves, organizations need more than just file scanning. Intezer has evolved to a comprehensive automated alert triage system, offering powerful analysis capabilities, integrations with existing tools, and expert support. By embracing Intezer’s robust and versatile engine, organizations can enhance their security operations, reduce workload, and stay one step ahead of evolving threats in today’s complex digital world.

    Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you automate alert triage and investigation processes.


    Count on Intezer’s Autonomous SOC solution to handle the security operations grunt work.

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