Introducing Cybersecurity DNA: the Intezer Company Blog

Written by Itai Tevet

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    Have you ever searched for a needle in a haystack? In the world of cyber security, it might be that one problematic section or piece of code. Detecting cyber attacks certainly matters, but diagnosing them is also critically important.

    We are Intezer, and we’re a cyber security company that enables organizations to detect threats and analyze every aspect of their code better than anyone else. In this blog, we want to share our insights and give back to the broader security community–and we want to encourage dialogues on important tech and security topics as well.

    Our company was founded in 2015 by a successful infosec entrepreneur who led CyberArk as its former founder and CEO, and industry experts with deep experience in the Israeli military’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT). They saw a profound need in the enterprise market to take detection to an entirely new level: the code level.

    They’re supported by our incredible research and development teams, which include experts in reverse engineering, big data technologies, security and malware analysis–all of whom are helping us to steer a course into the kinds of tech that organizations desperately need, yet haven’t seen until now.

    If you were going to assemble a dream team to tackle such an endeavor, this would be it.

    Our team has worked on developing this novel technology, which will not only help organizations to protect themselves, but we believe will also advance the entire field of cyber security. Our two disruptive cyber security products are the only solutions to apply biological immune system concepts to cyber security: Intezer Analyze™ and Intezer Immune™.

    Through our ‘DNA mapping’ approach to code, we’re providing unparalleled threat detection that accelerates enterprises’ incident response, dramatically reduces false positives and protects against fileless malware, APTs, code tampering and more. With options for real-time detection and cloud-based file investigation, in-house security teams like yours can now be at the forefront of knowledge when it comes to every piece (or ‘gene’) within their code.

    Want a real-life example of how it works? We’ve already traced major global cyber security events to their sources first.

    The technology behind Intezer’s Code Intelligence ™ has provided crucial insights and has detected code similarities in several high-profile cyber attack cases before leading government agencies, including WannaCry (associated with North Korea) and Turla (associated with Russia). If  you can analyze your entire organization’s code quickly at the ‘gene level’, it is possible to have an upper hand against malicious actors–whether those involve individual, commonly-spread malware or sophisticated state-level attacks. Having a better understanding of the origins of code can help businesses in accurately assessing risk, and responding accordingly.

    In this blog, you can expect our founders and our research team to cover an extensive range of topics–from attack reports and business briefs, to cyber security tips, news items and the latest trends in deep tech. We aim to provide exceptionally useful content for all kinds of security teams, including incident response teams, reverse engineers, cyber security managers, and analysts, among others.

    Contact us for more information on our solutions.

    Itai Tevet

    Once led a government CERT. Now CEO at Intezer, changing the way we investigate and respond to cybersecurity incidents.

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