Elevating Phishing Investigations With Generative AI

Written by Intezer

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    We’re excited to announce a significant enhancement to our Automated Phishing Investigation solution, using Generative AI. Intezer can now inspect the actual text of emails by integrating with Generative AI, adding another layer of analysis to our robust phishing investigation suite.

    With Generative AI, Intezer can now analyze the body content and HTML for hidden elements — even if the emails don’t include a phishing link or malicious file attachments.

    Beyond Traditional Phishing Analysis Techniques

    Our existing approach to investigating phishing emails involved analyzing files, links, and metadata using multiple analysis techniques and threat intelligence sources. While these methods are effective, we recognized the need to delve deeper and also inspect the actual text of the email, much like how a human would approach a suspicious email.

    Mimicking Human Investigations of Phishing Emails

    The integration of Large Language Models (LLM) AI serves to add another perspective to the analysis process. When humans investigate suspicious emails, they don’t just look at metadata and links; they read the text to determine the risk. By integrating Generative AI into Intezer’s email analysis process, we mimic this human approach, allowing for a more comprehensive analysis of potential phishing threats.

    Analyzing Text and Underlying HTML

    Our Generative AI doesn’t just stop at the email body text. It goes a step further to inspect the underlying HTML to detect any hidden elements that might be embedded within the email. This thorough inspection ensures that even the most sophisticated phishing attempts, employing hidden elements or obfuscated text, do not go unnoticed.

    phishing investigation solution
    Example of evidence collection from a suspicious email, including links and the email body and underlying HTML.
    AI powered phishing investigation solution
    Example of the type of insights you can get from the Generative AI analysis of email body text and HTML.
    Another example of the insights you can get from the email body, in this case the reported email was actually found to be safe

    Continuing the Journey to Autonomous SOC

    By adding Generative AI to our Automated Phishing Investigation, we are elevating the way phishing emails are analyzed, ensuring a more rounded and thorough investigation, akin to human inspection but with the speed and accuracy of advanced AI. We continue to innovate and enhance our offerings, to provide the ultimate Autonomous Level 1 SOC experience in the market.

    Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements from Intezer as we continue our mission to provide cutting-edge solutions to solve the talent shortage in the cybersecurity industry.

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