Embracing AI Analysts to Strengthen In-House SecOps Teams

Written by Jim McDonough

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    With artificial intelligence technology rapidly advancing, it’s now possible to automate even more of the repetitive, manual, and even skilled tasks that consume the time of overloaded security operations analysts. Especially the “grunt work” that leads to alert fatigue.

    Organizations often face the dilemma of outsourcing their security operations centers (SOCs) or investing in in-house solutions to keep up with the increasing volume and sophistication of cybersecurity threats. While outsourced SOCs provide expertise and resources, they can also be expensive, prone to error, and less efficient due to resource shortages and the challenge of dealing with multiple client environments. 

    By leveraging AI Analysts as an extension of your in-house team, you can reduce reliance on outsourced SOCs and maintain a robust security posture. This blog post will explore why now is the perfect time to start trusting AI Analysts to augment your team and deliver cost-effective, cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions.

    1. Overcoming Outsourced SOC Limitations

    Outsourced SOCs, despite their expertise, may face limitations due to human error, resource shortages, and the complexity of managing multiple client environments. AI Analysts can help address these issues by automating repetitive tasks, reducing the risk of human error, and providing consistent, efficient security solutions across diverse environments.

    2. Advanced AI Capabilities

    Recent advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are making AI Analysts more reliable and effective than ever. We’ve already seen the incredible things ChatGPT-4 can do. These technologies can accurately identify and prioritize security incidents, triage events, and automate aspects of incident response, delivering exceptional results with minimal human intervention.

    3. Cost-Effective Solution

    Integrating AI Analysts into your existing SOC team can be a highly cost-effective alternative to outsourcing. AI Analysts can significantly reduce labor costs by automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks, allowing you to maintain a lean, efficient in-house team without compromising security capabilities. For organizations that can’t afford to expand their team or facing budget cuts, automation is an ideal solution to ensure a small security operations team can effectively address every security alert and respond to incidents quickly.

    4. Seamless Integration

    Modern AI Analyst solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing security infrastructure, making it easier than ever to incorporate AI-driven capabilities into your SOC. By working with your current systems, AI Analysts can enhance your team’s effectiveness without requiring extensive retraining or costly overhauls.

    5. Improved Efficiency and Scalability

    AI Analysts can process vast amounts of data at incredible speeds, enabling them to handle large volumes of security events easily. This increased efficiency allows your in-house team to scale its capabilities as your organization grows without investing in additional human resources.

    6. Real-Time Threat Detection

    AI Analysts can analyze and correlate data from various sources in real time, providing your team with valuable insights and alerts as soon as threats are detected. This rapid response capability helps your in-house team stay one step ahead of potential cyberattacks, mitigating risks and minimizing damage. While outsourced providers may have analysts that monitor alerts 24/7, automated alert triage and investigations can deliver immediate analysis, answers, and recommendations. 

    7. Continuous Learning and Adaptation

    AI Analysts are designed to learn and adapt over time, refining their knowledge and improving their ability to identify and respond to threats. This continuous learning enables your team to stay ahead of the constantly evolving cybersecurity landscape, ensuring your organization remains protected against emerging threats. 

    8. Empowering Human Analysts

    By automating routine tasks, AI Analysts free up your human analysts to focus on more complex issues that require expert judgment. This enhances your team’s overall performance and provides a more engaging and rewarding work environment for your analysts. Technology can sift through noise, false positives, and extract answers about confirmed threats, freeing more people from the grind of monitoring and triaging alerts. This can ensure that our security teams are able to focus on proactive security activities and responding to the serious threats.

    Learning to Trust “AI Analysts” to Do Work for Your Team 

    Now is the time to start trusting AI Analysts, incorporating the new capabilities for automation to act like an extension of your in-house SOC team. By embracing AI-powered solutions, including generative AI like we’re seeing from ChatGPT, you can reduce reliance on outsourced security operations centers that don’t give you deep analysis on escalated threats and lead to inefficiencies. 

    AI Analysts offer a cost-effective, scalable, and efficient solution that empowers your human analysts while keeping organizations protected against ever-evolving cybersecurity threats. This new opportunity for automation can future-proof your security operations, integrating AI Analysts into your team to maintain a strong security posture. 

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    Jim McDonough

    Jim McDonough is the Vice President of Global Sales at Intezer. Outside of work, you're likely to catch him running on a trail or in a marathon.

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