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  • Less noise, with 97% of false positive alerts resolved for you
  • Deeply investigate 98% of alerts automatically and get actionable recommendations to remediate every alert
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26.5% Confirmed malicious2.5% Suspicious 14.94% To Investigate 56.2% No Threats
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Recommended action: Block, quarantine, and apply IOCs
IOCs: 3 indicators
TPPs: Defense Evasion, Discovery, Excution, Persistence

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24/7 Alert Investigation and Response

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Intezer ingests alerts from your connected sources 24/7 and collects evidence.

InvestigateSuch as files, processes, URLs, commands, memory images, and more

Intezer investigates evidence related to each alert to determine a clear classification, assessment, and recommended next steps.


Intezer auto-resolves false positives, escalating only the important incidents to your team with a complete analysis report.

Respond & Hunt

Intezer auto-remediates confirmed threats and provides ready-to-use rules for response and hunting purposes.


Intezer generates weekly reports to provide tuning suggestions and give you full visibility over your security operations and alert pipelines.

Easy to Connect Integrations

Just minutes to set up, no engineering required. Within a minute after each new alert, get assessments and recommended actions pushed from Intezer right to your endpoint security console or SOAR.

CrowdStrike LOGOCrowdStrike

Get clear recommendations for response and automate deep analysis on every alert in CrowdStrike Falcon.

SentinelOne LOGOSentinelOne

Do more with SentinelOne by having Intezer automate alert triage, incident response, and hunting.

MS Defender LOGOMicrosoft Defender

Triage, resolve false positives, and investigate Microsoft Defender alerts automatically with Intezer, 24/7.

Start automating your alert pipelines
SOC manager of security operations center
Jesse Stoltz
SOC Manager at Legato Security

quotation markThere is a large volume of alerts produced every day and manually performing analysis on all of these files is not scalable.

Intezer has given us the ability to provide in-depth reporting in a timely manner. Moreover, having a private instance for us to upload potentially sensitive data was a ‘must have’.

Check out the case study to see how Legato Security scaled up SOC analysis with Intezer

How to Get Started

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Step 1
Connect Alert Sources

Connect Intezer to your detection tools (EDR, SOAR, etc.) with an API key and/or install a plugin.

Step 2
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Let Intezer Investigate

Intezer automatically ingests your alerts and analyzes any relevant artifacts (files, URLs, memory images).

Step 3
You Get Results

Decrease false positives by 85%; You get clear recommended actions and IOCs for every alert.

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Frequently asked questions

Have more questions? Want to know the technical details?

Intezer leverages a variety of techniques to analyze evidence, however, the unique core technology is Genetic Code Analysis. This proprietary technology identifies the origins of any unknown software or piece of code, which is a critical capability for investigating security alerts.
For crafting the bottom-line alert triage assessments, Intezer uses machine learning and AI models that take into account the multiple analysis results for each individual evidence, as well as information from the user’s existing security tools.
Intezer’s automated alert triage process starts by collecting all evidence associated with an alert (file, process, command line, IP, URL, memory image, etc.), deeply analyzes each artifact, and then builds an overall assessment for the incident with smart recommendations.

Intezer functions as an extension of your team to help you further reduce your SOC/IR workload, often working side-by-side with your existing security stack.

  • Unlike a SOAR that you’d use for case management and creating playbooks for repetitive operational tasks, Intezer focuses on automating the decision-making and investigation process of security alerts that are usually handled by human analysts. Read more.
  • Unlike a Sandbox that detonates individual files manually, Intezer allows you to directly connect your security tools to investigate alerts automatically, investigating multiple types of evidence (even fileless threats). Read more.
  • Unlike outsourced SOC services which are primarily human-operated, Intezer is a SaaS platform that leverages advanced technology for alert monitoring and triage processes. This reduces the potential for human error and ensures a high level of accuracy and efficiency. Read more.

Some of our most popular integrations are for CrowdStrike, SentinelOne and Microsoft Defender for automating endpoint security alert triage, response, and hunting.
Intezer also integrates with multiple SOAR tools (such as Cortex XSOAR) to automate phishing alert triage and incident response. Intezer can also be interacted with and perform automated security operation tasks through our RESTful API and Python SDK. You can check out our full Integration list here.

The primary onboarding tasks are connecting your alert sources (adding an API key with the required permissions) and then adding members of your team as new users to Intezer.
After your API key gets added to Intezer, you should start seeing alert triage results in your dashboard within the hour. If you want to know more about getting started with Intezer, you can book a demo to talk with us about integrating Intezer into your tech stack and processes.

Top brands like Pepsico, Adobe, Equifax, Anheuser-Busch InBev, and other Fortune 500 enterprise security teams use Intezer to triage the high volume of alerts (and all the associated artifacts) from their endpoint and email security systems. Enterprise organizations also use Intezer’s Autonomous SecOps capabilities across their SOC, incident response, and cyber threat intelligence teams (as well as top security research teams, which frequently use Intezer’s best-in-class Malware Analysis toolset to analyze evolving and novel threats).

You can watch a 5 minute recorded demo here 
If you want to try Intezer for yourself, then reach out to get a free Autonomous SOC trial account or an extended trial with support from our Solution Engineers by booking a demo here.

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