ServiceNow Security Operations: Streamlining Incident Response Workflows with Intezer

Written by Intezer

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    For SOC teams using ServiceNow Security Operations, integrating your key security tools like Intezer ensures you can optimize your incident response process and reduce time to respond.

    Intezer’s security operations integration with ServiceNow is like having a virtual team of the best security experts, working tirelessly to respond to your alerts and streamline your incident response workflows. This gives you a way to tackle every security incident with deep analysis and action at the speed of cutting-edge technology.

    Autonomous SecOps Expertise at Your Fingertips

    Intezer’s Autonomous SOC integration is like adding a team of seasoned security analysts into the automated workflows and incident management capabilities of ServiceNow. Intezer’s innovative technology encapsulates the decision-making logic of human experts and investigators, enabling rapid and informed responses to security incidents. That includes investigating and triaging endpoint security alerts like you’d get from SentinelOne or reported phishing emails (including emails that have QR codes embedded in attachments).

    ServiceNow Security Operations automated incident response workflow with Intezer

    The Edge of Autonomous SOC

    The essence of how Intezer’s platform works is its ability to emulate the complex decision-making processes of human analysts. By automating the analysis and triage of security alerts, Intezer ensures that every incident is investigated with the precision and understanding of an experienced professional. These capabilities are crucial in an environment where every second counts.

    ServiceNow’s Security Incident Response

    ServiceNow’s incident response features help with organizing and managing the lifecycle of security incidents. Its structured workflows ensure that incidents are not just logged but are also categorized, prioritized, and resolved efficiently. The platform’s adaptability allows it to mold to the unique operational needs of your organization.

    ServiceNow and Intezer in Action for Security Operations

    The collaboration between Intezer’s Autonomous SOC and ServiceNow Security Operations is a strategic fusion that promises to revolutionize your incident response processes.

    Intelligent Alert Triage and Investigations

    Upon detection of a security event, Intezer’s platform automatically ingests the event and investigates, then dispatches a detailed alert report to ServiceNow. This isn’t just any alert — it’s an alert already analyzed and prioritized by Intezer using logic and expertise modeled after human analysts. With its ability to autonomously collect evidence and investigate, Intezer can accurately identify false positives and classify threats. ServiceNow, in turn, initiates the predefined incident response workflow based on what Intezer discovers and recommends.

    Incident Prioritization and Precision

    With the integration, incidents are automatically prioritized based on their severity and impact, as determined by Intezer’s intelligent analysis. This ensures that the most critical threats are escalated and addressed promptly, enhancing the precision and effectiveness of your security team’s response.

    Example incident created by the Intezer's integration with ServiceNow Security Operations
    Example incident created by the Intezer’s integration with ServiceNow Security Operations

    Technical Overview

    Intezer will send enriched alert data to ServiceNow via a dedicated Scripted REST API that will store the alert data in a dedicated table for Intezer’s alerts. A Transform Map will map records from Intezer’s alerts table into the ServiceNow Incidents or Security Incidents tables.

    This approach allows you to customize and adjust the new incident records according to your organization’s needs and policies. For more details, you can browse our documentation about setting up Intezer with ServiceNow for threat escalation and incident response.

    how Intezer works with Service Now for incident response automation

    The Benefits of Integrating ServiceNow and Intezer for SecOps

    Organizations leveraging the Intezer and ServiceNow integration stand to gain significant advantages:

    • Accelerated Incident Response: With expert-level analysis automated by Intezer, response times are drastically reduced.
    • Centralized Case Management: All cases and tickets are centralized within ServiceNow, providing an efficient management of your security operations.
    • Decision-Making Accuracy: Intezer minimizes the risk of human error and reduces false positives, focusing efforts on genuine threats.
    • Efficient Resource Allocation: Automating the triage and investigation processes with Intezer frees up valuable security resources, allowing teams to concentrate on strategic defense initiatives.

    Smart Automation for Incident Response Workflows

    Navigating the nuances of incident response can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be a solo journey. If you’re ready to see how Intezer and ServiceNow can streamline your investigation and response workflows, we’re here to guide you.

    Your path to a more efficient SOC starts here.

    Try Intezer for free or book a demo to learn more.


    Count on Intezer’s Autonomous SOC solution to handle the security operations grunt work.

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